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Presidio Graduate School Field Study in Emilia Romagna, Italy, July 8-14, 2018


Cheese! Presidio Graduate students of Cooparative Management visiting the Parmesano Reggiano (yes, that parmesan cheese!) facility in Emilia Romagna.

Posted by Cilla Utne, July 29, 2018

Cross Cultural Journeys aim is (and always has been) to make sure that we during our journeys seek to find our common humanity, without diminishing our very diverse and important values differences across cultures. The most important aspect of such journeys beging with how we ourselves understand our very own cultural and personal contexts, in which we live our daily lives. We then learn from our neighbors around the planet, weather they are near or far from home, to listen, understand, sit, and observe, before jumping in with our own ideas and previous experiences. Our recent trips and our many upcoming exiting itineraries are doing just that: reflecting and dialouging with local people, being invited to eat their best local foods, staying in traditional but comfortable accomodations, and spending a lot of time on just leaning in and learning from who and what is around us. We can call it less ‘tourism’, and more cultural immersion and deep dive.

In that vein, our field study to the heart of the cooperative region of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy with Presidio Graduate School earlier this month was a big hit, and I think we will be welcomed back J. A unique offering in CCJ’s trip roster, this is the only Master’s level course in the United States on Cooperative Management offered by Presidio, and we are thrilled to be able to provide a three dimensional and very dymanic content for the course. We even included a couple of my former professors in intercultural conciousness - Milton Bennett and Ida Castiglioni - in a conversation about what it means to learn and absorb information in a cultural context that is different from the one we are used to, different from home. You can read more about our visit in this article, published by one of our local Italian hosts at Legacoop.

If you, or anybody you know is interested in setting up an intercultural learning tour or field study for your college or graduate class, please contact me directly at We can without a doubt make that happen!

Posted by Leif Utne on July 3, 2018

The Mayan Cosmovision

Guest blog post by Hilda Resch, of Tulan Kan: The base of the ancient Mayan wisdom is their calendar, the Tzol-Kin. A month has 20 days and each day carries a specific quality. All their knowledge and wisdom comes from observation of nature, so the “20 Nawales” as they call these 20 days are archetypical

Posted by Cilla Utne on January 31, 2018

Contribute Your Stories to Carole’s New Travel Book!

Carole Angermeir and her husband Wilford Welsh in Cuba, 2015. Dear CCJ travelers, Travel is a wonderful opportunity…to dream new dreams, try on a new persona, experience new cultures, make new friends and to experience exotic places. Travel always creates an opportunity to learn more about yourself, and others. You can fall in love with

Posted by Leif Utne on November 21, 2017

Good News: Cuba Travel is Still Legal

On November 9, the Trump administration issued new rules on travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens. The good news: Cuba travel is still completely safe and legal. There were no big surprises in the new rules. The same 12 categories of legal travel under the U.S. trade embargo still apply, including the popular “people-to-people” educational

Posted by Leif Utne on October 27, 2017

Cuba: Still the Safest Country for U.S. Travelers

Cuba is the safest country in the western hemisphere (and possibly the world) for foreign travelers, despite the recent reports of health incidents affecting U.S. diplomats in Havana. In addition to taking thousands of Americans to the island since 1998, Cross Cultural Journeys has led trips to over 30 countries around the globe over 3

Posted by Leif Utne on October 4, 2017

Statement Regarding US State Department Warning on Cuba Travel and Drawdown of Embassy Staff

Cross Cultural Journeys condemns the US State Department’s September 29 advisory warning Americans to avoid traveling to Cuba due to the “sonic attacks” that have reportedly affected the health of 21 US embassy personnel in Havana. The State Department has also ordered 60% of its Havana staff to return to the US immediately. These bizarre