Destinations 2014

Ethiopia, Ancient Land of Mystery and Mystics
A Visit to the Historical North and the Tribal South
February 23 – March 8, 2014
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Bail, The Balinese Way of Living
Harmony, Community and Spirit
June 16 – 27, 2014
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Turkey, Worldview Explorations
Weaving History and Mysticism
October 2014
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Destinations 2015

Brazil, Worldview Explorations
Exploring Other Realities
June 2015
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Read more about our licensed trips to Cuba in 2013 and 2014.

Custom Destinations

For twenty two years, CCJ has been working innovatively with local cultures and communities at the crossroads to offer our travelers rich, authentic experiences that change the way they view the world forever.

Offering a range of extraordinary, special-access destination options, CCJ’s team of U.S. and local experts custom design meticulously organized, deep-in-country exchanges between travelers and our in-country network of local friends, guides and experts.

We host open trips for small groups which you can join as an individual or couple, as well as customized journeys for special groups with particular interests. Clients include: the Institute of Noetic Sciences,; Commonwealth Club of Northern California; Deepak Chopra Center; World Affairs Council of Northern California; Lesley University and many more.

If you have a family occasion to celebrate, a special interest group or alumni tour to plan and would like us to tailor your journey, please call us. Below are journeys we have organized over the course of our twenty two years in business and would be happy to organize one for you.

Alaska: Zen Kayaking and Meditation
Argentina: The Arts of Argentina
Ecuador: From the Amazon to the Andes
Grand Canyon
Northern India
Southern India: Consciousness and Creativity
Ireland: Ancient Myths, Sacred Sites and Celtic Wisdom
Italy: The Many Masks of Venetian Carnivale
Morocco: Sacred Music Festival
Nepal (and Tibet): Pilgrimage to the Roof of the World
New Zealand
Peru: Machu Picchu, Sacred Places and Ceremonies of Ancient Peru
Spain: The Camino Real
South Africa
Tibet (and Nepal): Pilgrimage to the Roof of the World
Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia

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