Bali, Worldview Explorations™

The Balinese Way of Living: Harmony, Community and Spirit with the Institute of Noetic Sciences

June 16 – 27, 2014
12 days, 11 nights $3,990

Join the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Cross Cultural Journeys on an amazing journey that uses the ideas and approaches of the IONS Worldview Explorations™ program to frame travelers’ encounters with the Balinese culture. Experience beautiful, exotic Bali. Explore the Balinese practices of Tri Hita Karana, a Hindu saying meaning “to live in harmony with the natural world, community, and spirit.” From the cultural and artistic hub of Ubud, travel to remote villages nestled in lush rice paddies, to sacred Mount Agung, and to beaches along the north coast. Observe traditional ceremonies and rituals that the Balinese celebrate in joyful expression of reverence for their ancestors, gods, families, and the beauty of the natural world that surrounds them. Trip leaders have a long-term relationship with Bali, and through their friendships they are able to provide unique opportunities to unlock the secrets of Bali’s deeply spiritual island way of living. You will return home with your world changed forever.

Themes Explored on This Journey

Worldviews: The research that IONS has pioneered will increase your awareness of the lenses through which each of us see the world, make judgments and take action. This will be a tool to explore the Balinese and their unique culture.

Banjar: Each town has a community neighborhood organization called a banjar. All families belong to a banjar and it is through this social system that ceremonies are planned and performed, disputes settled, and members provided for.

Balian: Besides visiting a western-style doctor when ill, the Balinese consult a Balian, a traditional healer. These men and women work in different ways: some mix herbal remedies; some create drawings of magical symbols to protect the wearer; and some, while in trance, communicate messages from the Balinese Hindu deities and ancestors that dictate the creation of specific offerings and ceremonies. Others read aura and chakras, while some are trained in hands-on physical and energy healing. We will spend time with many highly respected traditional Balians.

Art and Artisans: Multiple methods of artistic expression express deep spiritual connection to beauty, unity, ancestors, family and nature.

Village Life: We are guests in a remote village where an eco-retreat center has been established by a Balinese friend. Here you can relax and experience the rural village life in Bali.

Coral Reef Restoration: Visit a coral reef restoration project operated by local villagers and fishermen at a beautiful beach on the Northern part of the island. The project has revitalized the local fishing industry and restored the area’s coral reefs.

Green School, Green Village: Visit John Hardy’s architecturally award winning Green School, with its bamboo structures and spaces in which people can live and learn in an authentic relationship with nature. The Green Village is an innovative, residential villa development built from bamboo located within walking distance to the Green School river valley campus. John has received international recognition for his visionary work utilizing bamboo.

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